Meet Your Secretariat

While committee chairs choose the topics, prepare chair letters, and manage the committee proceedings, the conference Secretariat manages the rest of the conference. This includes managing the conference's logistics, ensuring that chairs are prepared, communicating with participating schools, and a great deal more. You can contact the UMVMUN 2019 Secretariat by filling out the form on our Contact Us page.


Mark Polk

Co-Secretary General

Hello! My name is Mark Polk and I am one of your Co-Secretaries General this year. I am a senior at Whitesboro High School and this is my fourth year in Model United Nations. Serving as the President of the Whitesboro Model UN club and having been a Chair of the General Assembly in 2017 and the Undersecretary General of Administration and Conference Services in 2018, I have  a breadth of experience that I am excited to employ as we prepare for the fourteenth of December. Outside of Model UN, I am incredibly proud to serve our community by volunteering at the Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare (MVHS) Emergency Department. I am also a member of the Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare Volunteer Association. At school, I am the senior Class President. Additionally, I have the distinct privilege of being the President of Whitesboro’s National Honor Society Chapter. Being surrounded by my peers in such a variety of ways reminds me of our world’s bright future and the vitality of gathering our local leaders — our delegates — at Model UN conferences. Each day, I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to collaborate with our student leadership to provide you with an enriching experience. We hope you’ll join us!


Drake Dowd

Co-Secretary General

Hello everyone! My name is Drake Dowd and I am your other Co-Secretaries General at UMVMUN 2019. I am a senior at Whitesboro High School and I have been involved in Model UN for four years. Additionally, I am proud to have been involved in conference leadership at UMVMUN for the last three years. Currently holding the position of Vice President of the Whitesboro Model UN club, having chaired ECOSOC at UMVMUN 2017, and having served as the Undersecretary General of Finance at UMVMUN 2018, I have gained invaluable experience that I, alongside my Co-Secretary-General, have employed in making UMVMUN 2019 a conference where all delegates can learn, develop, improve, and become better leaders. Outside of Model UN, I am the Treasurer of the senior class of Whitesboro High School and I enjoy competing in Mathletics, Science Olympiad, and Envirothon. I am also the President of Whitesboro’s Red Cross Club where we have the unique privilege of helping to diminish the effects of the nationwide blood shortage, spread disaster preparation awareness, and general education throughout our community. Good luck delegates! I am excited for you to experience UMVMUN 2019!


Lily Collins

Undersecretary General of Information and Conference Services

Hello! My name is Lily Collins and I am a junior at Clinton Senior High School. This is my third year of Model UN and I am the president of Clinton's Model UN club. I am also involved in the environmental club at Clinton. Last year, I was honored to chair General Assembly at UMVMUN alongside Yesenia Burgos and Kennen Eksic. Outside of Model UN, I am a Brown-Black belt in American Karate, President of the Clinton chapter of Girl Up, and a member of UMV-UNA chapter of GenUN. I also work as a Patron Services Clerk at the Kirkland Town Library and intern at Mayor Palmieri's office through the Regional Program of Excellence. I am absolutely thrilled to be involved in UMVMUN 2019 and I cannot wait to see you all there!

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Ian Tracy

Undersecretary General of Policy

Hello! My name is Ian Tracy and I am a senior at Whitesboro High School. I am happy to welcome you all to UMVMUN 2019 as the Undersecretary General of Policy and one of the chairs of Security Council. At UMVMUN 2018 I was one of the chairs of the United Nations Environment Programme. This is my third year in Model United Nations and I currently hold the position of Historian in our school’s club. I am also the Vice President of our school’s Red Cross Club, Secretary of Honor Society, and Editor of the Literary Magazine. Additionally, I am a member of my school’s cross country team and Student Council Secretary. I am excited to see what delegates will bring to debate and I hope that everyone in attendance has an enjoyable and memorable experience at UMVMUN 2019!

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Kennen Eksic

Undersecretary General of Finance

Welcome to UMVMUN 2019! My name is Kennen S. Eksic and I am a senior at Thomas R. Proctor High School. I am thrilled to introduce myself as the Undersecretary General of Finance at UMVMUN 2019. This is my third year participating in Model UN, and in addition to my position here at UMVMUN, I will be serving as my club’s 20th President. Last year I chaired the General Assembly. My experience as a chair gave me a great deal of insight into the level of detail and commitment that it takes to create a successful conference. I hope to apply these lessons to do my part to ensure that UMVMUN is truly a unique experience this year. In addition to Model UN, I am the Commander of the Academic Team and the Blue and Gold Honor Society in Proctor Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, President of the Stock and Bond club, and President of the Future Business Leaders of America club. Aside from this, I am also an active participant in the Bernadette A. Eichler Youth Ambassador Program, the UMV-UNA chapter of GenUN, Speech and Debate, Mock Trial, Drama club, Newspaper Staff, Varsity swimming, and Varsity lacrosse. If you would like to get involved in the UN beyond conferences and committees, give the UMV-UNA GenUN page a visit and consider joining this impactful organization. Good luck delegates!

What is Model UN?

Model United Nations (Model UN or MUN for short) is a simulation of the proceedings and meetings of the various organs of the United Nations. Model UN conferences are held worldwide and offer students of all ages an opportunity to practice negotiation, leadership, public speaking, problem solving and teamwork while learning about pressing modern issues from around the world. In a Model UN conference, such as UMVMUN, students take on the role of a delegate who is tasked with representing a single member state of the United Nations, or an observer state.

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As delegates represent their assigned nation, they will be expected to approach certain agenda items, determined ahead of time by the chairs of their committee, from the viewpoint of that nation. Through organized debate, each committee collaboratively crafts working papers throughout the conference which delegates aim to pass into resolutions through the use of parliamentary procedure. These resolutions are structured much like the documents produced by the actual United Nations and address current world problems with practical and comprehensive solutions.


In addition to this traditional style of committee, Model UN conferences can also have specialized committees for more experienced delegates, such as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Forum in which delegates represent various NGOs from around the world. Some conferences also host crisis committees in which delegates must respond in real-time to simulated crises while also making progress on the committee's pre-determined issues. The United Nations Security Council is traditionally simulated as a crisis committee, but these committees can also represent non-UN bodies, such as historical meetings of the past or conflicts in which delegates represent individual people from history. At UMVMUN 2019, we will host a Security Council.


Upper Mohawk Valley Model United Nations

Welcome to the 2019 Upper Mohawk Valley Model United Nations (UMVMUN) conference! Whether you are a Model UN adviser, a student-delegate, or someone that has never even heard of Model UN, this website has all of the information and materials you need to be a part of this year's conference. For breaking news updates and committee-specific communications related to the conference, you can find and follow us on social media using the icons at the bottom of any page. For more information on this year's conference and UMVMUN conferences of the past, please visit UMVMUN's other web pages by clicking on the "Model UN" tab found in the banner at the top of any page.

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What is UMVMUN?

Upper Mohawk Valley Model United Nations (UMVMUN) is a high school-level Model UN conference that has been organized and conducted by area high schools since 1973. Since its inception, UMVMUN has upheld a tradition of simulating the spirited diplomacy that is practiced in the United Nations and providing future generations of leaders a chance to develop their skills and talents through public speaking, writing, and negotiation in an environment conducive to the diplomatic practices found within statesmanship. The conference has been sponsored and organized annually by the Upper Mohawk Valley chapter of the United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNAUSA).

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