Meet Your Secretariat

While committee chairs choose the topics, prepare chair letters, and manage the committee proceedings, the conference Secretariat manages the rest of the conference. This includes managing the conference's logistics, ensuring that chairs are prepared, communicating with participating schools, and a great deal more. You can contact the UMVMUN 2018 Secretariat by filling out the form on our Contact Us page.

Marisa Medici


Hello all! My name is Marisa Medici and I am a senior at Proctor high school in Utica. I am so excited to announce that this year I will be your UMVMUN 2018 Secretary General. I have been involved with Model United Nations since my freshman year of high school and have been part of the UMVMUN Conference Leadership since my sophomore year. Through the UMVMUN Conference Leadership, I have had the opportunity to be a chair of ECOSOC, the Under-Secretaries General of Administration and Conference Services, and an NGO Coordinator. Through our regional UNA-USA youth chapter, GenUN, I also attended the Global Engagement Summit at the United Nations earlier this year. Now, I write this to you having served as the Secretary General of our conference since this past May. I am passionate and serious about the work that our conference leaders have done over the last several months as we aim to make UMVMUN 2018 an enjoyable, educational, and fulfilling experience for all who attend.  Outside of UMVMUN Conference Leadership, I am the President of Proctor’s Model UN Club, Vice President of Future Business Leaders of America Club, Chairwoman of the Board of the Upper Mohawk Valley GenUN chapter of UNAUSA, and President of Proctor Honor Society. I am also involved in extracurricular music, competitive dance, I am a lover of movies and adventure in my free time. I wish you the best of luck preparing your delegates and remain at your services should you have any questions or need support! I am looking forward to a productive and “all encompassing” UMVMUN 2018.

Mark Polk

Under-Secretary-General of Administration and Conference Services

Hello! My name is Mark Polk, and I’m a junior at Whitesboro High School. This is my third year participating in Model United Nations and my first year serving as our club’s president. Prior to my current role in this conference, I chaired the General Assembly at UMVMUN 2017. I am honored to offer my experience as a chair to help build an engaging conference for all participants. Outside of Model UN, I enjoy being involved our local community by volunteering at the St. Luke’s Hospital Emergency Department. I am also a member of the Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare Volunteer Association. At school, I serve as Class President by collaborating with students, faculty, and community members to organize class events. I also play the saxophone in our school’s Symphonic and Jazz bands. My goal is to ensure that everyone has a productive, enriching, and memorable experience at UMVMUN!

Emily Neuner

Under-Secretary-General of Information Services

Hello! My name is Emily Neuner and I am a senior at Liverpool High School. This is my fourth year in Model UN and my third year as president of my school’s club. I have been a chair for the Legal Political committee at UNAR (2018) and for the ECOSOC committee at MPHMUN (2018). I plan to pursue my passion for international relations and political science when I begin college next fall. Outside of MUN, I am dedicated to my team for cross country as well as indoor and outdoor track. I also enjoy volunteering with the Center for New Americans at InterFaith Works CNY. I cannot contain my excitement for this year’s UMVMUN conference, as my goal is to continue inspiring future leaders and promoting the ideals of the United Nations. Can’t wait to see you at SUNY Poly in December!

Sydney Henderson

Under-Secretary-General of Policy

Hello! My name is Sydney Henderson and I am a senior at Whitesboro High School. This will be my third year participating in Model U.N. I currently hold the position of Treasurer of our school’s Model U.N. club. Prior to being our conference’s Under-Secretary-General of Policy, I chaired General Assembly at UMVMUN 2017. I also engage in a wide range of activities outside of Model U.N. I’m currently part-founder and President of Whitesboro’s American Red Cross Club and Vice President of Public Relations for our International Club. Additionally, I volunteer at Faxton St Luke’s Hospital Emergency Department where I will also begin a surgery internship this upcoming year through the Regional Program of Excellence. I cannot wait to see what this year’s conference brings, and I am very excited to see everyone there!

Drake Dowd

Under-Secretary-General of Finance

Hello everyone! My name is Drake Dowd and I am a junior at Whitesboro High School. I am overjoyed to announce that I will be your Under-Secretaries General of Finance at UMVMUN 2018. In addition to serving as USG of Finance, this year, I will be serving as Whitesboro Model UNs Vice President. I have been an active participant in Model United Nations since my freshman year of high school and I was a chair of ECOSOC at UMVMUN 2017. I aim to apply my experience as a returning UMVMUN conference leader to, along with my fellow conference leaders, uphold the reputation of UMVMUN of being a phenomenal Model United Nations conference. Aside from Model United Nations, I am Vice President of Red Cross Club, Class Treasurer, and a volunteer in the Emergency Department at Faxton St. Luke’s Medical Campus. I also participate in International Club, Mathletics, Science Olympiad, and extracurricular music. Good luck delegates and I am excited for you to experience UMVMUN 2018!

What is Model UN?

Model United Nations (Model UN or MUN for short) is a simulation of the proceedings and meetings of the various organs of the United Nations. Model UN conferences are held worldwide and offer students of all ages an opportunity to practice negotiation, leadership, public speaking, problem solving and teamwork while learning about pressing modern issues from around the world. In a Model UN conference, such as UMVMUN, students take on the role of a delegate who is tasked with representing a single member state of the United Nations, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), or an observer state.

As delegates represent their assigned nation, they will be expected to approach certain agenda items, determined ahead of time by the chairs of their committee, from the viewpoint of that nation. Through organized debate, each committee collaboratively crafts working papers throughout the conference which delegates aim to pass into resolutions through the use of parliamentary procedure. These resolutions are structured much like the documents produced by the actual United Nations and address current world problems with practical and comprehensive solutions.


In addition to this traditional style of committee, Model UN conferences can also have specialized committees for more experienced delegates, such as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Forum in which delegates represent various NGOs from around the world. Some conferences also host crisis committees in which delegates must respond in real-time to simulated crises while also making progress on the committee's pre-determined issues. The United Nations Security Council is traditionally simulated as a crisis committee, but these committees can also represent non-UN bodies, such as historical meetings of the past or conflicts in which delegates represent individual people from history. At UMVMUN 2018, we will host a Security Council.


Upper Mohawk Valley Model United Nations

Welcome to the 2018 Upper Mohawk Valley Model United Nations (UMVMUN) conference page! Whether you are a Model UN adviser, a student-delegate, or someone that has never even heard of Model UN, this website has all of the information and materials you need to be a part of this year's conference. For breaking news updates and committee-specific communications related to the conference, you can find and follow us on social media using the buttons at the bottom of this page. For more information on this year's conference and UMVMUN conferences of the past, please visit our conference's other pages by clicking on the "Model UN" tab found in the banner at the top of this page.

What is UMVMUN?

Upper Mohawk Valley Model United Nations (UMVMUN) is a high school-level Model UN conference that has been organized and conducted by area high schools since 1973. Since its inception, UMVMUN has upheld a tradition of simulating the spirited diplomacy that is practiced in the United Nations and providing future generations of leaders a chance to develop their skills and talents through public speaking, writing, and negotiation in an environment conducive to the diplomatic practices found within statesmanship. The conference has been sponsored and organized annually by the Upper Mohawk Valley chapter of the United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNAUSA).

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